Cervo? Where is it, what is it?

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A small town of the Ligurian Riviera, located in a central position between the provinces of Savona and Imperia, today is known all over the world for its characteristic medieval village (the only example of a perfectly preserved village placed perpendicularly to the sea). It is a very ancient town, whose origin probably dates back to the Palaeolithic Era, and is characterized by city walls built by its inhabitants in the Roman period: of them, the stronghold fortified with towers remains, placed on a rocky spur almost perpendicular to the sea, as a defence against the raids of the Saracens.

The Castle of Cervo, example of a fortified church, was built by the Knights of Jerusalem during the period of the first crusades and used for a lot of time as a hospital, taking on, as the years went by, several functions: home of the people's parliament, fortress. 

The historical and architectural aspect joins together with the environmental and landscapes one. Around the ancient village, almost like a frame, we find a hilly region full of pine-woods and olive-groves with hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of dry walls “maxè” where the “caselle” were placed, which were depositories of tools and shelters for the farmers in bad weather, of semicircular, circular, square or rectangular shape.

It is possible to see the great explosion of flowers during the spring period; the wonderful views; the intensity of the colours and the pleasant presence of fragrances and perfumes typical of the Mediterranean bush.

The beaches are wonderful and coasting: sandy in the western side; with small pebbles in the central part; cliffs with little and discreet inlets in the eastern side.
There are good sport facilities, located on the riverside zone (tennis, volley-ball, five - a - side football and football field, dance, etc.).

You can taste excellent cooking consisting of gulf fish not only in the medieval village, grazed by the moon's rays, but on the sea too, where the glimmer of the stars is overcast by the light of the “lampare” (fishing light) which will go on shining until the first light of dawn.

The hill and the sea will appear clearly separate by the very long stretch, which is the Via Aurelia, punctuated by an infinity of aligned bright lights, as a frame of a kind of life which all of us would like to keep at a distance; this is a moment of spell and magic broken by a near and intense croaking of frogs. The denomination of Cervo as “Paradise of Painters” is quite justified, not only for the above-listed reasons, but most of all for the innumerable subjects that every painter can discover and choose according to his taste and sensitivity.

Cervo represents one of the most interesting landscape beauties of the province of Imperia both for its position and for the urbanistic structure, unique and unrepeatable aspects, together with the natural environment which surround it. Naturally it is obligatory to visit the village, but I invite you to walk along the marked paths, which start from the Castle Square and are rich of wonderful panoramic spots where the eyes sweep the silver green of the hills and the intense blue of the sea.

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